31 October 2011

The Spookmobile
This seasonal inspired illustration is kind of a homage to classic 60s spooky sitcoms such as the Adam's Family & the Munsters. Also with a nod to Wacky Races 'Creepy Coupe' my spookmobile is packed with this gruesome family of oddballs & gouls. Happy Halloween!

27 October 2011

What's the Big Idea?
I was recently commissioned to illustrate and article on eco conscious & design lead website myoo.com.The website is a unique community focused on activating positive change for the planet whilst still having fun. The name 'myoo' coming from the phonetic 'mu' in com-MU-nity! The article I illustrated was about the rules of funding your big idea. You can view the full article here.

15 October 2011

Anyone for Tennis?

Looking through my archive the other day I found these forgotten images. These are alternative tennis star illustrations I did for the Ellesse heritage project earlier in the year... These ones weren't selected for the final product in the end but I thought they were still fun & worth sharing!

10 October 2011

The Spy Book
Reference book publisher - Dorling Kindersley released a new book last week - 'The Spy Book' - covering EVERYTHING you could ever want or need to know about spies, secret agents and all things top secret!
Included in this Spy bible is an illustration by yours truly. The double page spread I created entitled 'Meet the Team' shows all the people within a spy team and how they are all connected to each other influence by Heath Robinson type contraptions.
The image has so much detail it's hard to see as a whole in the small image but hopefully the detail shots will help & of course if you want to study the image in full and perhaps learn how to become a spy in the process you can buy the book here!

5 October 2011

National Geographic TravellerI was recently commissioned to illustrate a column in the November/December issue of National Geographic Traveller magazine (UK edition). The image accompanies a passage about 'staycations' (staying in the UK for holidays ) Persuading people that a holiday at home shouldn't necessarily be destined for failure as long as you explore the many beautiful & interesting places that are on offer in the British Isles and to steer clear of motorway service stations, anyplace with sky sports on TV, homogenous high streets and if it rains take shelter under a tree & not in the doorway of a Halfords!