17 December 2011

SugarlandAs a recent personal project I've created these festive characters each with a different wintery & christmas themed hat. These candy coated illustrations inspired by vintage christmas decorations from the 60s & 70s & Phil Spector type Christmas songs will certainly be bringing good tidings to you and your kin!I've made the designs into a set of limited edition art print/cards ideal to give to that special someone under the mistletoe or as an unusual stocking filler. Each design is an edition of 100 signed and numbered. Available to buy upon request.
We wish you a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!
Bedtime StoriesGerman family & lifestyle magazine Nido recently commissioned me to do these 2 illustrations for their December edition. The images accompany a short story by Florian Simbeck.The story which roughly translates as 'The Boy Who Wasn't there' is about a little kid who can't sleep and his dad - too busy with work to read him any more stories - tells him if he just lays there long enough he will eventually 'be gone' 9 as in gone to sleep )Being a little boy with a huge imagination he worries that he will actually disappear so has to investigate the other people & animals in his house sleepin. In the end both the boy & dad both fall fast asleep & the only place they have 'gone' is to dreamland. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

16 December 2011

Stocking Filler
As this years seasonal mail-out Agency Rush asked it's artists to decorate a festive stocking... my design was influenced by Christmas ballets such as Swan Lake & the Nutctacker.

10 December 2011

A recent fun commission I had was to create a pop-up Christmas card for attorney firm Venner Shipley. Apart from sending season's greetings the card also had to notify clients of the company moving 'home' & what better way to illustrate these subjects than an ice skating house of course!The ice skating house pop's up from behind the trees & snowman when the card opens!

3 December 2011

Deck the HallsThroughout December my agents - Agency Rush are holding a small exhibition in collaboration with ad agency CHI & Partners. The exhibition runs all month and includes works from some of the Agency Rush artists including myself with a seasonal & festive theme. See my included pieces below. Prints available to buy upon request.

1 December 2011

Dance Card
This logo I recently designed was for dance school 'Dance Design' in Nottingham. The school specialises in ballet,tap, jazz & street dance for kids so the logo had to be fun, friendly & energetic!I also designed these jazzy business cards with different fondant inspired coloured backs... now show me your jazz hands!

30 November 2011

Skeleton Keys
I wish i had a set of these skeleton keys to unlock all the secrets of the universe...

23 November 2011

Dam it!
Here's a recent image I created for topical environmental website - myoo.com. The piece was to accompany an article comparing figures on the controversial Belo Monte dam in Brazil to the Three Gorges dam in China & the environmental impacts things like dams have on their surroundings including displacing local residents & flooding rainforests.
Here's some closeup details from the illustration. Read the full story here.

6 November 2011

Business as Usual
A recent illustration I worked on for the biannual magazine of patent and trade mark attorneys Venner Shipley. This bunch of business men and women shuffling to work under the protection of a rather large bowler hat represents amongst other things the importance of intellectual property rights to businesses, changes in european & american patent law, the many new trainees joining the team & the company going places!

3 November 2011

Another illustration I created for environmentally conscious website myoo.com illustrating the increasing amount of students choosing to study eco related subjects at uni and the amount of institutions offering more and more 'green' degrees. Read the article 'Greening the University' here.

31 October 2011

The Spookmobile
This seasonal inspired illustration is kind of a homage to classic 60s spooky sitcoms such as the Adam's Family & the Munsters. Also with a nod to Wacky Races 'Creepy Coupe' my spookmobile is packed with this gruesome family of oddballs & gouls. Happy Halloween!

27 October 2011

What's the Big Idea?
I was recently commissioned to illustrate and article on eco conscious & design lead website myoo.com.The website is a unique community focused on activating positive change for the planet whilst still having fun. The name 'myoo' coming from the phonetic 'mu' in com-MU-nity! The article I illustrated was about the rules of funding your big idea. You can view the full article here.

15 October 2011

Anyone for Tennis?

Looking through my archive the other day I found these forgotten images. These are alternative tennis star illustrations I did for the Ellesse heritage project earlier in the year... These ones weren't selected for the final product in the end but I thought they were still fun & worth sharing!

10 October 2011

The Spy Book
Reference book publisher - Dorling Kindersley released a new book last week - 'The Spy Book' - covering EVERYTHING you could ever want or need to know about spies, secret agents and all things top secret!
Included in this Spy bible is an illustration by yours truly. The double page spread I created entitled 'Meet the Team' shows all the people within a spy team and how they are all connected to each other influence by Heath Robinson type contraptions.
The image has so much detail it's hard to see as a whole in the small image but hopefully the detail shots will help & of course if you want to study the image in full and perhaps learn how to become a spy in the process you can buy the book here!

5 October 2011

National Geographic TravellerI was recently commissioned to illustrate a column in the November/December issue of National Geographic Traveller magazine (UK edition). The image accompanies a passage about 'staycations' (staying in the UK for holidays ) Persuading people that a holiday at home shouldn't necessarily be destined for failure as long as you explore the many beautiful & interesting places that are on offer in the British Isles and to steer clear of motorway service stations, anyplace with sky sports on TV, homogenous high streets and if it rains take shelter under a tree & not in the doorway of a Halfords!

30 September 2011

Some images I created for a Treasure Island themed webpage for opticians - Specsavers.
As part of and incentive to get staff to sell more contact lenses the company launched this promotion whereby employees could log in to the website with a chance to win prizes by clicking on different parts of a treasure map.
I worked on these interactive webpages which were later animated and appeared on the companies intranet. The theme was treasure island with various nods to pirates & treasure hunts.The winning treasure chest being full of treasure and the unsuccesful one bones and moths. See the treasure chests in action here & here.
( Animated by Unigraph design )

12 July 2011

Bonbek Magazine
French kids publication - Bonbek - recently commissioned me to illustrate a story in volume 3 of their magazine. The bilingual magazine's strap line " the magazine for kids that makes parents jealous" is true to it's word as the mag is full of great illustrated stories and games for kids that any design conscious adult will also love. My story covers an epic 10 double page spreads and follows the adventures of a little girl 'Soupolé' who wants to find out why she is named after 'milk soup'! I'm really pleased with the way this project turned out and hope to pursue some more kids story ideas in future... watch this space! You can see some of the spreads belowalong with detailed shots. To preview the mag you can check out Volume 3 on issuu & the full printed magazine is available to buy now - get it here!

3 July 2011

Ellesse HeritageJust in time for the Wimbledon finals! - Iconic Italian sportswear brand Ellesse commissioned me to come up with these retro designs for limited edition tshirts based on tennis stars featured in their old ad campaigns from the 80s. The tshirts are part of their new heritage line also including the work of 2 other illustrators and will be available to buy on their website soon. They're also currently stocked in Ellesse's very own East London pop up store. The pop up store & coffee shop which is currently open at 77 Redchurch Street, Shoreditch until the 3rd August stocks old and new collections, along with other items of interest & of course my Tshirts!I was also pleased to have a mention in Marie Claire España who seemed to like my designs... Ole!