25 November 2008

Write-upsI've been featured recently on several pretty cool design blogs. It's always good to have a little recognition from time to time :-)... some nice stuff on these blogs too... 

9 November 2008

YCN Book

The New YCN book 08/09 is out now with lots of veritable eye candy no doubt & featuring some of my tree ladies! You may remember I posted pics of them a couple of weeks back...well now they've joined many other peoples tree creations in a huge paper forest which features in the book. The book was designed by talented design studio Hudson Bec and is available to buy from the YCN site. If you look very close with your eagle eyes you can just about see my trees... the ones with girls' faces & birds on top!...Where's wally?
YCN also have a great set of pics on Flickr documenting 'the making of the world of YCN'